QR Pay is a recent feature of payment gateway in which the Direct Payment Link has been upgraded. Merchants can generate QR (Quick Response) code which they can send to their customers to expedite payments via mobile devices.
Merchants can readily take advantage of the growing usage of smart phones and their constant connectivity to the internet by generating QR codes that can be scanned by their customers which will redirect them to the payment pages.
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Service Overview


  1. Comes with a secure payment gateway
  2. Comes with an Admin Tool to view and track payments
  3. Choice of payment method: credit card, debit card and other available payment options


  1. Expand the channels in which a customer can initiate an online transaction
  2. Provide convenience to customers as scanning the QR code directly takes them to the payment pages
  3. Improve lead time - Eliminate unnecessary steps to pay for a product or service


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