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Online Reservation Management System
Online Registration Management System is a fully-featured, cost-effective and customizable solution that facilitates enterprise and organisations to allow members and customers to register and pay online anytime and anywhere for events, training courses and examinations, etc.

The powerful Online Registration Manager facilitates easy maintenance on event, training and exam details, and the Report Manager provides comprehensive reports on registration and payment statuses for easy tracking.

Simply create your event and training online, and your attendees can readily sign up in next minute. Ideal for professional associations, training schools, marketing campaigns and corporate, etc.

Core Features

  1. Multi-Lingual UI Support: English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese
  2. User friendly navigation: search for events, training and examinations
  3. Real-time report maintenance: of all event, training and examination details
  4. Powerful user administration: for different operations and service user groups
  5. Seamless integration: with online real-time multi-currency payment processing

Ideal Applications

  1. Conference
  2. Web Seminars
  3. Seminars
  4. Training Classes
  5. Club Functions

Key Benefits to your business

  1. Enjoy time to market with minimal setup
  2. Enhance signup efficiency and effectiveness with 7-day 24-hour availability
  3. Enjoy productivity and cost savings on with automated registration, payment processing and comprehensive online reports
  4. Enhance service quality to members with real-time information and search functions and real-time alerts for registration and payment statuses
  5. Enjoy low cost-of-ownership and high Return On Investment


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