The solution comes with a mobile card reader (Swipe & Sign or EMV Chip) and a mobile application (PayDollar mPOS Plus) that enables businesses with mobile credit card processing capabilities. It also provides businesses with mobile reporting tools and retail transaction tracker.
mPOS Plus is a complete mobile payment solution that allows merchants to accept payments on-the-go in anyplace and anytime via credit card readers attached to a smartphone or tablet device.
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  1. Support non-EMV and EMV credit card including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB
    AsiaPay mPOS Plus supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB
  2. Support plug-in, card swipe and manual key-in
  3. Support electronic receipt in SMS and/or email
  4. Support smartphones and tablets
  5. Void or capture payments in real-time
  6. Enables merchants to view their payment history for their reference
  7. Bi-lingual interface
  8. Extendable for other VAS features e.g. Loyalty module, tokenization, card promotion

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  1. Comprehensive Mobile Payment Solution
    Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, no need to look for other vendors and a mobile payment gateway, mPOS Plus offers it all in one package
  2. Convenient and Real-time Payment Method
    Accept credit card payments anytime anywhere with a smartphone and internet connection in real-time
  3. Safe, Secure and Reliable Payments
    Card Data is encrypted by mPOS Plus reader before transmitted to the mobile app and the data are transmitted in secure channel from the mPOS Plus app to payment server. The EMV Chip mPOS Plus’s card reader, in particular, is EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) Level 1 certified.
  4. Drive Sales & Increase Revenue
    Minimize sales that are lost because of long queues and enable real-time acceptance of card transactions.
  5. Easy Installation
    Merchants can start accepting mobile payments immediately. It only takes a couple of minutes to configure the application and to set the device.

Audio Jack Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) Reader

  • Card Reader Classification:Swipe and Sign
  • Device Features:Swipe and Sign Card Verification Method
  • Compliance:Non-EMV Compliant
  • Compatibility:iOS & Android


EMV Chip Reader

  • Card Reader Classification:Chip and Sign
  • Device Features:Chip and Sign Card Verification Method
  • Compliance:Europay, MasterCard & Visa (EMV) Level 1
  • Compatibility:iOS & Android



mPOS Plus Mobile App

  • mPOS Plus is a mobile application that allows merchants to process, void or capture card payments in real-time using their iOS or android devices.

    It also allows merchants to view their payment history for their reference.

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