Complement to merchant’s membership scheme, enables regular customers to make expressed and secured purchases with their membership login.
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Service Overview

AsiaPay Member Payment Service Overview


  1. Advanced online transaction security by applying a membership login to a specific website and eliminating credit card details handling processes.
  2. Dual password security protection by requiring personal password and credit card CVV code for each transaction.
  3. Express online payment tools facilitate merchant’s membership scheme for earning customer loyalty.
  4. Improve sales efficiency with streamline check out service and fast sales procedure, enhance customer satisfaction.
  5. Easy Integration and management.

Ideal Applications

  1. Any Online Shop
  2. Mobile Applications
  3. GroupBuy Companies
  4. Online Shopping Malls


For any enquiries, please feel free to call our enquiry hotline at (852) 2538 8278 or press here to leave your contact details, our staff will contact you shortly.

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