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We strive to provide a secure and reliable payment processing platform to our customers whether banks or merchants. Although eBusinesses accept that card-not-present transactions are relatively higher risk than card-present transactions, with the latest technologies including CVV, 3D Secure authentication, PayAlert anti-fraud risk management system and proper internal control, eBusiness can far enjoy the benefits of online business outweighing the associated risks which can be effectively controlled and minimized.

Secure Payment Processing

Being PayDollar merchants, you can enjoy the highest level of security compliant with online security requirements of financial institutions, such as AIS for VISA, the use of firewall and access controlled 24x7 data centre to store all credit card information, and the use of 256-bits Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL) data encryption for all data transmission and storage, built-in CVV and 3D Secure processing and lot more.

Anti-Fraud Processing

We have developed a range of fraud prevention techniques and tools to help reducing the impact fraud may have on your business - from chargeback fees to inventory loss. Our anti-fraud solution will have protect your profit by helping you to recognize legitimate transactions, rather than refusing business due to a fear of potential fraud.

PayAlert Anti-fraud System

This real-time tool provides you with real-time transaction analysis, fraud pattern mapping especially on transaction origination, invalid attempts, velocity check, etc,. for your business to assess the potential risk and take according verification or cancellation action.

Merchants will be alerted when our PayAlert Monitor identifies suspicious or fraudulent transaction via real-time reporting and email alert (extendable to SMS).

Business Benefits