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Americo Neves's fundraising page --
Recalling Macau in 100 days

My fundraising target: 澳門幣10000

My fundraising deadline: 13-07-2013

My fundraising activity:
Recalling Macau in 100 days

Activity's detail:
I am organizing a fundraising project for an uninterrupted 100 days. I will draw everyday (1 drawing a day) with any theme randomly about Macau as a way to get to know again my lovely city in 100 days and posting them online in a daily basis, so the viewers can follow my journey together. Through this creative marathon, I wish my artistry can help others and finally to call-up potential donors to support my initiative. All the funds will be donated to ORBIS to help sight-saving programme. To see my drawings, please visit my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/americoartspace

Date of activity:   04-04-2013 to 13-07-2013

My reasons for supporting ORBIS:
The reason of supporting because ORBIS uses the power of advanced technology to raise funds and I truly believe this advancement can bring light to those who need help in this modern age.

For more details, please contact ORBIS Macau on (853) 2830 0787 / info@mo.orbis.org or Americo Neves at americomacau@gmail.com

Target: 澳門幣10000

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Fundraising results
Name Amount (澳門幣) Supporting message
Lei Ricardo das Neves Heidi 600 Have a good start!
Gabriel Delfino 300
Mamblecar Belinda 200
Annonymous ....... 1000
Kou Natalia 300
Kung Dicka 300
D&T ... 100
Madeira Wan Damon 200 Thumb up!
T. Gab. Teresinha 300
Tsoi Berton 200 Great Work!
Wong Chloe 200 Good Job!!!
Camacho Gilberto 300 Working together for a better World!!
Cheang NanNan 1000 a series of memories by watching the painting... Support! Support
Goncalves Chang Beatriz Maria 500
Lee Leung Dou 333 All the best!
Xavier Fatima 500
Michael J. 150 Following everyday!!!
Lopes Marisa 200 Good job!! We support you!!!
Sousa Isabel 1000
WONG wong 300
Pereira Norte Jose Carlos 300
Neves Arlindo 500
Camacho José 1025
Mei Wong 500
Chau Carrie( The Blindfly) 1000 Lovely paintings! Support Orbis Macau n Americo!
Ivone Harvey, 600
Sousa Eugenio 1000
Alianca de Amigos de Filantropia de Macau (AMFOP) 1000
Ricardo Jose 2300
Sunny Kuok Kuok Hio Cheng 300 Made it happen!!
Silvestre Wong Juliana 300 Yeah!! You completed!!
Total: 17608  

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