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  Create an Online Fundraising Page

If you would like to raise funds to prevent blindness without having to keep track of multiple forms or chasing cheques, we at ORBIS have the perfect answer -- create your very own online fundraising page!  It's a fun, easy and creative way to secure pledges for your special event or .  

Why an online fundraising page?

  • It's easy. No more sponsorship pages to carry around or misplace. No cash or cheques to chase.
  • Its fun. You can tailor your page to reflect your personality.
  • It's secure. Money is sent directly to ORBIS with no worries of it getting lost in the post.
  • It's cost-efficient. Because we don't have to spend money on printing and mailing follow-up materials, we save on administrative costs.

  • How it works

    Using the form below, write a personal message about your event and why you support ORBIS. Insert a photo and pick a banner image from our selection. Once we approve your page, we'll send you the live Web page address for you to e-mail to all your friends, family and supporters. Click here to look at a sample page.

    Collect your sponsorship online

    After e-mailing your link, check back to see how close you are to meeting your fundraising goal. You'll be able to see who has donated and who hasnt, and more importantly, you'll be able to read their comments about your fundraising effort. This is particularly encouraging if you're going for that 26.5 mile race! We use Asiapay to process our donations electronically, so you're guaranteed complete security in handling these transactions.   

    To start building your page, simply fill in the below online fundraising form and you can help ORBIS to stop preventable blindness worldwide. For enquiries, please contact us on (853) 2830 0787 or email: info@mo.orbis.org.
    Create my online fundraising page

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    PART ONE - Event details
      *Event name:
    (please enter at least 5 characters)
      *Brief description of your event:
      *We support ORBIS because ...
      *Date of event: / / to
    / / (dd/mm/yy)
      *Fundraising period: Now till / / (dd/mm/yy)
      *Fundraising target: MOP
      *Public enquiry hotline:
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    PART TWO - Fundraising page design
      Upload picture :
    (max.file size: 50k, pixel size: 200x150)
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      *Name of organization/school/religious group:
      *Name of event co-ordinator:

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