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Digi-Sign SSL

Paydollar partners with Digi-Sign Certificate Services Limited to jointly offer banks, merchants and eBusiness participants a variety of cost-effective SSL digital certificate products addressing various business needs.

General SSL Certificate

Digi-Sign SSL Certificate is a secure and cost-effective SSL digital certificate product that facilitates identification of web server and protection of data exchange with encryption and decryption functionality.

Wildcard Server Certificate

Digi-Sign Wildcard Server Certificate is for organizations who need to secure multiple web sites with a single domain name along with different sub-domains (e.g.,, etc.) on a single web server. It is a cost-effective and easy to implement solution without the need to manage multiple certificates, whether you are large enterprise, bank or a web hosting or service company.

Intranet Server Certificate

Intranet Server Certificate allows you to secure internal server with SSL. Issued to either a Full Server Name or a Private IP Address, Intranet Server Certificate is the most cost-effective way of securing internal web-based network.

Business Benefits

  1. Chained to the GTE CyberTrust Root CA that is embedded in most of the browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer
  2. 99.3% browser ubiquity
  3. 128 bit industry standard SSL Certificate
  4. Up to three year validity
  5. Full telephone and email support
  6. 30 day refund & reissue policy
  7. Low cost of ownership

Application Process

All you need is to simply provide the following documents:
  1. The application form
  2. BR copy and
  3. Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

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