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Recurring Payment - SchedulePay

Enjoy feature-rich recurring payment collection tools for automated and manual instructions with choices of billing frequencies, and ease-of-maintenance on instructions.

Why PayDollar SchedulePay

  1. Add Convenience. Enhance Sales Improve sales and provide convenience to customers avoiding repeated frequent payments
  2. Enhance Efficiency. Increase sales and payment capture efficiency, saving collection individually
  3. Enhance Competitiveness. Meet customer expectation and enhance customer service satisfaction
  4. Lower Costs and Business Risks. Lower processing costs and payment acceptance risks

Features and Benefits

  1. Minimal up-front setup
  2. User friendly web-based instruction administration on statuses and
    amount adjustment
  3. Choice of schedule frequency, e.g. monthly, quarterly or yearly,..etc.
  4. Seamless integrate with real-time payment processing
  5. Detailed daily transaction reporting
  6. Secure with latest SSL and security technologies

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